Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Struggle of the 21st Century

Throughout history, there have been enormous struggles undertaken by courageous people for a litany of issues.  Equal rights, racial and ethnic justice, and countless other issues have and are currently being advocated by organizations and individuals all over the world.  Indeed, these issues require a constant struggle to advocate for justice and equality.  The greatest struggle of the 21st century is proving to be between large corporate power and interests- mining, natural resources, financial, ect.- and environmental and social justice activists seeking to end the cycle of capitalist exploitation of the earth's natural resources and people.  The activists have their work cut out for them, especially since large corporate power is so closely aligned with the state virtually everywhere in the world.  This struggle is ubiquitous, with recent examples in Peru,  Nigeria and even this country.  In the United States, there have been many instances demonstrating the capture of the federal government by private interests over the past few months.  The recent bailout of the financial sector is an obvious example of state capture and many important and respected people- including Senator Dick Durbin- have highlighted this fact.  The most ironic- and Orwellian- part about all of this is the complicity of the mainstream media which largely controls the political discourse that is taking place around us.  It is important to point out and criticize the complicity that so-called "journalists" and producers have in maintaining the status quo, blocking accountability of our most senior political leaders and advancing corporate interests.  Which side of this struggle will you be on?

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