Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Public Pulse

Regarding the front page article on the Midlands section yesterday about Lee Terry:

After an "intense, frustrating week" debating important issues such as health care and energy, Terry dropped the F bomb in an altercation with a DC cab driver while crossing a street.  Why the editors of the OWH decided to highlight Terry's lamentable outburst instead of focusing on the issues he voted on this past week, including his "Nay" vote for the Markey-Waxman American Clean Energy and Security Act, is beyond me and speaks volumes about the type of "journalism" taking place at the World-Herald.  Regardless of Terry's "Nay" vote, and the rest of Nebraska's House members, the bill passed, 219-212.  Terry has been in Congress for too long to not have accomplished any meaningful energy reform, or anything of substance for that matter.  Terry and Nebraska's other House members have legitimate concerns with the bill, including the possibility of rising energy costs associated with the "cap and trade" proposal of the recent bill.  It would be responsible and appropriate for the OWH to cover these issues and the positions of our elected leaders rather than gossip pieces.  

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