Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The "Deep State" rears its head yet again...

Deep State: group of influential anti-democratic coalitions within a political system, composed of high-level elements within the intelligence services (domestic and foreign), military, security, judiciary, and mafia, with close ties to private corporate interests. The notion of deep state is similar to that of a "state within the state". Violence and other means of pressure have historically been employed in a largely covert manner to manipulate political and economic elites and ensure specific interests are met within the seemingly democratic framework of the political landscape.

I really enjoy reading Glenn Greenwald. He may be one of the better political/legal bloggers I have ever encountered, and he has definitely taught me a lot the past year or so I have been reading him. But I just can't understand the logic he employed in his post today. This line really got me going, and that is saying something because I generally see eye to eye with his viewpoints and arguments.

Yet our intelligence agencies -- just as was true for 9/11 -- failed to understand what they had in their possession. Why is that? Because they had too much to process, including too much data wholly unrelated to Terrorism.

While I agree that the government collects far too much data unrelated to terrorism, the idea that the CIA, State Department, Customs, FAA, military intelligence and the Pentagon could possibly fail to connect the dots is absurd. The government KNEW what was going on with this plot, and it was used as a false flag operation in order to expand war and the military industrial complex. I know this perspective needs more explaining and evidence, but consider these simple facts:

-the "terrorist's" father denounced his son to Nigerian officials AND the US Embassy and CIA in Nigeria in November

-intelligence officials had intelligence that "al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula" (which seems clear to me is a CIA asset, or at least has operatives in this cell) was planning to use a Nigerian for their next operation

-the "terrorist" bought his plane ticket in CASH in Ghana, an IMMEDIATE red flag for any Customs, State Department, ect. officials

-Kurt Haskell, a passenger on the flight, has been on national TV testifying that while him and his wife were sitting in the terminal waiting for their flight, the "terrorist" and a sharply dress "Indian man" (read South Asian) approached the flight official and said that the "terrorist" did not have a Passport, but that it was OK because "he was from Sudan" and "we do this all the time." The flight official directed the pair to her manager down the hall.

-after the landing, while waiting in Customs for over an hour, isolated from all other travelers at the Detroit airport, the FBI brought drug/bomb sniffing dogs into the terminal and one of the dogs went directly to another, separate "Indian man" (again, South Asia) and sat in front of his bag, this according to eye witness testimony (Kurt Haskell and others).

-the other "Indian man" was taken into an interrogation room and after about an hour, was lead out in handcuffs at which point an FBI agent approached the rest of the passengers and said that they were being moved, "it was not safe here" and that "you all saw what happened, and know why we have to move."

How could the US government have all the information they needed to stop this flight, and, somehow, this incident happened? I contend that this was one more manifestation of the covert, "deep state" rearing its ugly head to fool the American people once again.

Anyone who doubts that there is indeed a covert, criminal element that has infiltrated various agencies and departments of our government (especially intelligence agencies, Pentagon, State Department) should look into Operation Northwoods, a secret CIA drafted false flag operation designed to politically force the US into war with Cuba. Operation Northwoods called for the attack and killing of American civilians and terrorist attacks involving airplanes and staged military events.

See also 9/11, Franklin Cover-Up or the Oklahoma City bombing for the most obvious examples of the "deep state" in action in terroristic, anti-democratic ways.

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