Thursday, August 13, 2009

Question for Lee Terry

Lee Terry, the Republican Congressman from the 2nd District of Nebraska, will be holding a town hall meeting this Saturday from 8:30 until 10 a.m. at Homestyle Cafe, located at 8807 Maple Street. If I could ask my Congressman one thing about healthcare, here is what I would ask:

Representative Terry, over the past 8 years and counting, our country has spent billions of dollars fighting two separate wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which have cost the lives of countless innocent civilians and American soldiers, and bailed out virtually the entire financial sector of our economy at an unimaginable cost. Now, President Obama wants to enact healthcare reform which, obviously, will cost a substantial amount of money. How do we justify waging war and endless corporate welfare at the same time we are saying we cannot afford to pay for health care reform? What are your priorities? Continuing to wage an endless, deceitful and counterproductive war? Allowing the looting of the US Treasury in order to rescue the very same financial institutions-- who also happen to finance many of the people who claim to "represent" the American people-- that enabled our current economic crisis? Or do you think health care reform is a bigger priority, especially considering that millions of Americans, including myself, do not have health insurance?

I am e-mailing this exact question to Terry and will post any response.

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  1. Lee Terry is simply a puppet of his own party, much like the vast majority of those in the lower House. All he does is maintain his position in the party by repeating talking points passed down to him in memos from the RNC. Regardless, it is good to make your voice heard. I too will send him an email. Only, mine will be less cordial.