Thursday, July 9, 2009

John Yoo and Alberto Gonzales Rewarded for Illegal Behavior

A truly mystifying development has taken place in the past two months.  John Yoo, a former lawyer for the Office of Legal Council during the early years of the Bush administration, has been hired by the Philadelphia Inquirer.  Alberto Gonzales, former Attorney General in the Bush administration, has also been hired by Texas Tech University.  Yoo, as you may recall, was the author of several secret memos, released by the Obama administration, that gave legal cover for torture and other executive branch abuses.  Gonzales was the head counsel for President Bush at the time, and apparently approved the memos that opened up a new chapter in the abuse of executive power.  The fact that these two men, deeply involved in the lawlessness that characterized the Bush administration, have been rewarded for their illegal behavior is astounding.  It is truly amazing that instead of these men facing criminal charges, or at least an investigation, they are promoted.  This development speaks volumes about the state of the justice system in the United States.  

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